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Board of Directors

The Sun City Community Association of Huntley Board of Directors

New Board Members Announced  - View

Name Position Board Term
Dennis O'Leary
President 2016
Bonnie Bayser
Vice President 2016-17
Linda Davis
Secretary 2016-17
Bill Berendt
Treasurer 2016
Bill Bendick
Member 2016
Ken Andersen Member 2016
Steve Bytnar
Member 2016-17

The Board of Directors meetings are open to all residents and are held in the Drendel Ballroom of Prairie Lodge, except the COTW meetings that are held in the Solarium of Prairie Lodge,. Member ID Cards are required for admittance to all Board meetings. (Scroll down for meeting minutes.)

Committee of the Whole (COTW) meeting are now open to the residents. If you plan on attending, below are the guidelines for these meetings:

1. Agenda is posted on web and on the door of the Solarium
2. There may be times that last minute adjustments are made to the workshop agenda because of time, guests presenting etc.
3. A sign up sheet is in the back of the room for residents to write their name and the agenda topic on which they wish to make a comment/question. Comments are to be short and limited to the agenda items.
4. The Board members will begin their meeting following resident comment. Residents will be there to listen to discussion. No comments or questions will be taken from the residents during the meeting.
5. The Board will break for an approximate 45 minute lunch at about 11:30. Board members will leave the room.
6. The Board will take no additional questions at the end of the meeting, but residents are welcome to comment during the “comment” portion of the regular board meeting.


Date Time Type
January 6
9:00am Committee of the Whole (COTW)
January 27 6:00pm Annual Meeting of the Members & Quarterly Meeting
February 3
9:00am Committee of the Whole (COTW)
February 17 1:00pm Board Meeting
March 2
9:00am Committee of the Whole (COTW)
March 16 1:00pm Board Meeting
April 6
9:00am Committee of the Whole (COTW)
April 27 1:00pm Quarterly Meeting
May 4
9:00am Committee of the Whole (COTW)
May 18
1:00pm Board Meeting
June 1
9:00am Committee of the Whole (COTW)
June 15 1:00pm Board Meeting
July 6
9:00am Committee of the Whole (COTW)
July 27
1:00pm Quarterly Meeting
August 3
9:00am Committee of the Whole (COTW)
August 17
1:00pm Board meeting
September 7
9:00am Committee of the Whole (COTW)
September 21
1:00pm Board Meeting
October 5
9:00am Committee of the Whole (COTW)
October 26 6:00pm Quarterly Meeting
November 2
9:00am Committee of the Whole (COTW)
 December 7
 9:00am  Committee of the Whole (COTW)
 December 7
1:00pm Board Meeting


Board Goals for 2015

Committees of the Board

00 - COTW Minutes 2016

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Minutes COTW 08/03/16 PDF (968.98 KB) Administration 8/31/2016
COTW Minutes 07/06/2016 PDF (1.56 MB) Administration 7/28/2016
COTW Minutes 06/01/2016 PDF (26.82 KB) Administration 6/27/2016
COTW Minutes 05/04/2016 PDF (26.29 KB) Administration 5/20/2016
COTW Minutes 04/06/2016 PDF (132.29 KB) Administration 4/28/2016
COTW Minutes 03/02/2016 PDF (28.23 KB) Administration 3/17/2016
COTW Minutes 02/03/2016 PDF (1022.68 KB) Administration 2/19/2016

00-Board Meeting Minutes 2016

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Minutes 08/17/2016 PDF (4.35 MB) Administration 9/12/2016
Minutes Quarterly Board Meeting 07/27/2016 PDF (3.26 MB) Administration 8/31/2016
Minutes 06/15/16 PDF (1.88 MB) Administration 7/11/2016
Minutes 05/18/16 PDF (3.35 MB) Administration 6/3/2016
Minutes Quarterly Board Meeting 04/27/2016 PDF (2.45 MB) Administration 5/20/2016
Minutes 03/16/2016 PDF (1.43 MB) Administration 4/11/2016
Minutes 02/17/2016 PDF (2 MB) Administration 3/4/2016
Minutes Quarterly Board Meeting 1/27/2015 PDF (1.84 MB) Administration 2/19/2016

Agendas Board Meetings - 2016

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Agenda 9/21/16 PDF (205.73 KB) Administration 9/19/2016
Agenda 08/17/2016 PDF (170.76 KB) Administration 8/16/2016
Quarterly Agenda 07/27/2016 PDF (143.41 KB) Administration 7/26/2016
Agenda 06/15/16 PDF (16.92 KB) Administration 6/10/2016
Agenda 05/18/16 PDF (14.65 KB) Administration 5/13/2016
Quarterly Agenda 04/27/2016 PDF (119.69 KB) Administration 4/22/2016
Agenda 03/16/16 Revised PDF (105.05 KB) Administration 3/11/2016
Agenda 02/17/2016 PDF (121.14 KB) Administration 2/12/2016
Annual Mtg Agenda & Minutes - 01/27/2016 PDF (2.31 MB) Administration 1/22/2016
Agenda Qtrly 01/27/2016 PDF (123.64 KB) Administration 1/22/2016

Agendas COTW - 2016

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Agenda COTW 9/7/16 PDF (73.69 KB) Administration 9/2/2016
Agenda COTW 08/03/2016 PDF (397.21 KB) Administration 8/1/2016
Agenda COTW 7/6/2016 PDF (69.23 KB) Administration 6/30/2016
Agenda COTW 6/1/16 PDF (247.72 KB) Administration 5/31/2016
Agenda COTW 5/4/16 PDF (238.46 KB) Administration 4/29/2016
Agenda COTW 03/02/2016 PDF (344.15 KB) Administration 2/25/2016
Agenda COTW 2/3/2016 PDF (342.85 KB) Administration 2/2/2016
Agenda 01/06/2016 PDF (108.34 KB) Administration 12/30/2015

BOD Election Information

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Any information that pertains to Association Board of Director Elections
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Candidate Pkt October 2016 PDF (362.72 KB) Administration 6/30/2016
Election Procedure Manual 2016 PDF (3.2 MB)  more ] Administration 6/24/2016

Committee Charters (Sign In To View)

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
There are no files to display.

Job Descriptions

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Executive Director PDF (24.93 KB) Administration 11/18/2011
Board of Directors PDF (33.41 KB) Administration 11/18/2011
Board Officers PDF (17.88 KB) Administration 11/18/2011

Miscellaneous Board Materials

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Repository of Board related materials that do not fit the other categories established for this purpose.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
2016 Proxy Form PDF (290.08 KB) Administration 1/11/2016
Board Goals for 2015 PDF (50.97 KB) Administration 12/2/2014
12/4/13 Agenda Item #9 PDF (255.22 KB) Administration 11/27/2013
2014 Annual Meeting Proxy PDF (29.97 KB)  more ] Administration 1/7/2014
Code of Ethics PDF (310.41 KB) Administration 6/19/2014
Committee Organization Chart PDF (175.7 KB) Administration 4/21/2015
Digital Signage Memorandum PDF (89.86 KB) Administration 11/9/2012